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Health is our main concern and all come with a health certificate

Potty Trained

All our Exotic pets are potty trained so no worries with outdoors tours


Best Temperament

They are trained for a good temperament with kids and other pets


She is precious!!! I love her so much!!! Will send you pictures tomorrow! All my family and friends stopped by today and couldn’t believe she was real! Sweet and Precious!I wanted to show you a picture of lily. We love her and she is soooo sweet!. She just wants to cuddle and stay with me. She had a great check up and very healthy!,She might be tiny but has a big personality! She is a head- turner and I can’t take her anywhere without everyone stopping to see her.
Thank you so much for my little lily! Jeffrey.

Daren and I are so thankful for our new little blessing and addition to our family, Princess Luna. We had to name Princess luna to his name because that is what absolutely describes her. He has brought so much joy into our lives.
She is super adorable and such a head-turner.The way She was described through the emails and web page was definitely true.I am so thankful that we stumbled upon Home trained Exotic Pets, Jeffrey made the transaction smooth. I also love the way they stay in communication even after. I am glad I have someone who I can email with any questions in regards to our little treasure and they always seem happy to answer. I will definitely recommend them to everyone I meet. Thank you so much Jeffrey for our wonderful, healthy, happy, tiny, and stunning Princess Luna.

I saw Luke pictures on your website. I look at your site from time to time. Luke is a wonderful and beautiful pet. We love him very much. He likes to play fetch, hide and seek/peekaboo with us and plays normal pet play with Jack, his playmate. They love each other.

Wanted to let you know Luc ( caracal kitten) and I am doing great. He is every bit as fun and sweet as I hoped and has truly filled my life with joy. He goes to work with me every day and hangs out in his crate with lots of playtimes during lunch and afterwards. He is playful, energetic, loyal, and so smart!. My parents adore him and have taken to him as I’ve never seen. I’m thinking about getting another as an addition to our family. Probably another Cheetah cub, although was much easier to potty train. Luc is barely 2.1pounds at 4 months and I’d like another. Hope you are doing well with your little fuzzy kids.

She is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute and sweet. I love her dearly. My kids love her too. My cat is not sure yet.
I think my cat is getting along already with Tessa.Thanks again, The cat loves the lemur. They play together all the time.


I can’t thank you enough for our two fennec fox, Lily & Liam. They have brought so much joy and laughter into our home. Besides the fact that they are both beautiful, they are full of love and personality.

Alexander Jerry
I wanted to let you know how super thrilled we are with our Cheetah boy. He is just the sweetest funniest cat ever. He has always been so healthy and so social. He ever tolerates our 1-year-old daughter who likes to manhandle him.

Kenneth Bryan

“Hello, thanks to the Home Trained Exotic Pets. We had our baby Marmoset shipped and delivered to us, we are very grateful and promise to take good care of the little prince Charming. We just named him Sam and so happy to have him with us.

Carol Johnson

Great choice of high quality and well-trained finger monkey and are up to date with their vaccination and medical needs, I had to take my finger monkey for a check-up after I bought her from www.hometrainedexoticpets.com, and is the ideal place I would recommend for anyone who is looking forward to getting exotic pets.

We have been looking for a kinkajou for 4-5 years, always been skeptical about what I would end up with. But at www.hometrainedexoticpets.com , I was lucky enough to get a beautiful kinkajou baby and she is perfect!! My wife and I really appreciate these folks taking the time to answer any questions and then following up with us after Chassy arrived,
I will always do business with you guys, they are people you can trust.